Make Your Heart Sing: Introducing Prairie Song New Homes Community in Downtown Windsor

The feeling of being home is meant to make your heart sing, and that’s just what life in the Prairie Song community is all about. This collection of new homes just outside of downtown Windsor is designed to make you feel a sense of serendipity: that you’re exactly where you need to be, at just the right time, with all the right people.

Walking, fishing and outdoor living are waiting at Prairie Song

Intentionally Designed and Perfectly Located

The Prairie Song community is intentionally positioned just over a mile from all the charming amenities of downtown Windsor. Find the fun in daily errands by walking or biking from your new home to downtown Windsor’s shops and restaurants. Spend your Saturday exploring the abundant Windsor Farmers Market or enjoying the majesty of Windsor Lake with a fishing rod in hand or sun hat pulled low for an afternoon nap. For those days when your heart calls you to explore beyond your new home, downtown Windsor won’t disappoint.

Further afield, golfing opportunities abound, with a number of impressive courses within a short drive of your door. You’re also connected to the broader world by the Northern Colorado Regional Airport, so vacationing is a breeze. But you don’t have to leave Prairie Song to find just what you need, whether that be parks, trails, or a remarkable lifestyle center that is sure to become your daily retreat.

Prairie Song was designed with parks as a central feature, because some of the most joyful moments happen here: a spontaneous afternoon picnic, a pick-up game of frisbee, or a stroll with someone you love. At Prairie Song, each day is what you make it, and that’s always something beautiful.

Enjoy the activities surrounding Prairie Song in Downtown Windsor

The Lifestyle to Come

The Prairie Song community will come together around the Prairie Song Park and its Center, active places of joy and play that will include a lifestyle center, a waterpark with waterslide, indoor and outdoor flex spaces, gathering areas, and a hyperlocal dining option. Beyond this central community space, there will be other parks dotting the community, each with their own personality. Some days call for wide open spaces and expansive meadows, while others call for playground equipment and trees to climb, or quiet places to soak in the day. It’s all here, right at home in Prairie Song.

And of course, Colorado hearts always sing for trails – a plentiful amenity at Prairie Song. In Prairie Song, the primary trail connects you to your neighbors, winding conveniently through the community as a pedestrian main street. Other trails offer you full access to surrounding Windsor, including Windsor Lake and downtown Windsor. The Prairie Song trails allow you to get where you need to go easily, or meander until you find what you’re looking for.

New Homes from Bridgewater, Century Communities and Richmond American all at Prairie Song

Prairie Song’s Home Builders

Three builders are bringing life to this community of new homes in downtown Windsor. Bridgewater Homes brings a vast array of single-family homes to Prairie Song, each with its own luxury touches and options for customization. Home plans between 3200 and 5100 square feet allow your family the space and comfort they need amidst the community that already feels just right. Bridgewater is joined by Century Communities and Richmond Homes, who will also bring a diversity of floor plans and price points to the Prairie Song community for a neighborhood feel that is unmatched.

Developer Hartford Homes brings thirty years of experience to the design of Prairie Song community. Hartford Homes is committed to creating meaningful, happy spaces for people to call home – a dedication that can be seen in every facet of Prairie Song. The company endeavors to exceed the expectations of each resident with thoughtful design and intentional details that build something beautiful: not just neighborhoods, but real communities.

What makes your heart sing? It might be your brand new home, or the convenience of downtown Windsor. Perhaps it’s the promise of adventure with the nearby airport, or memories made with your neighbors at the lifestyle center.

Whatever makes your heart sing, the Prairie Song community will help you find it – and hold it close.