New Home Designs Meant to Make Your Heart Sing

Prairie Song has a variety of new home designs that are carefully crafted to fit your lifestyle. There are a number of reasons to buy a new home rather than a resale home, not least of which is the contemporary design that is better suited to modern life.

The builders at Prairie Song have created a selection of home plans that have the features you want, many of which are tough to find in a resale home.

Why Buy a New Home?

There are a number of reasons to buy a new home, including energy efficiency, improved design and sometimes even affordability.

New homes are more energy efficient

Energy efficiency is perhaps one of the most motivating factors for new home buyers. A new home will have more energy efficient features and be built to modern codes that protect the environment and save money for the homeowner.

Modern appliances are not only more functional, but they also use less energy. Furthermore, a tighter build and smart thermostats mean you can keep your home comfortable in every season without spending a fortune. Like Century Communities’ new homes in Prairie Song that come with smart thermostats to create a comfortable yet efficient space.

New home designs are better suited to modern families

Older homes were designed for a different generation of people with different needs. Today’s home buyer has a new set of requirements, and new home designs meet and exceed those expectations with flowing, seamless layouts that make daily life more convenient.

One major change is the increasing popularity of main-level living, which is reflected in many of the plans at Prairie Song. Take, for example, the Ainsley plan by Bridgewater Homes at Prairie Song. This new home design features more than 2,400 square feet – all the space you could need – spread across the main level in a comfortable 3-bedroom layout that provides both privacy and gathering space.

Plus, new home designs provide you with modern luxury features like granite counters and stainless steel appliances – also found in Bridgewater’s Ainsley plan.

A new home means less maintenance

As it ages, a home will need more maintenance. Homes have a finite life cycle and even a very well cared-for resale home will need more attention and money from the home buyer than a new home.

Many home buyers are motivated to buy new because of the peace of mind it provides. The builders at Prairie Song put buyers at ease with generous warranties and long-standing reputations that ensure your new home won’t need major work any time soon. This is a time to move-in and get settled – not worry about replacing the roof.

New homes can meet your needs

With a new home design, you have options for customization around specific design elements, while it might be harder to find your design choices in an existing home.

Always wanted a loft area? You can make that dream a reality with a new home design like the Coral plan by Richmond American Homes, which has the option for a loft in place of the fourth bedroom. Often, you’ll be able to select several features, from a finished basement rec room to a covered patio, when you purchase a new home design.

New home designs are often a better value

The financials make sense, too. Studies have shown that buying a brand new house can be comparable to – and in some cases less expensive than – buying a resale home.

One study found that buyers in some states could save between $100,000 and $200,000 by buying a new home as opposed to an older one. Not only that, but buying new now means that your home will have a better resale value when it comes time to move.

The New Home Designs at Prairie Song Are Made for You

There are many reasons why buying a new home makes sense, but perhaps the most significant reason is that a home is meant to work for you. It’s meant to be a place that feels comfortable, beautiful, and functional – a place that makes your heart sing.

The new homes at Prairie Song offer the customization options and modern features that will meet your needs. Start your research and learn more about the Prairie Song home builders and their new home designs that are superior to resale homes in the area.