Master Planned Communities: The Benefits of Buying Now

Master planned communities are becoming more and more popular – now home sales in many master-planned communities increased by 14 percent between 2022 and 2023. That makes sense when looking at the needs of today’s home buyers (and ourselves), and how those needs around our personal spaces may have changed.

What is a Master-Planned Community?

A master-planned community, sometimes referred to as an MPC, is a self-contained neighborhood that provides access to a variety of amenities to make everyday life more simple and convenient. Unlike subdivisions, which tend to be smaller with none or less amenities, master-planned communities are large, spacious neighborhoods dotted with beautiful, well-appointed parks and trail systems and impressive gathering spaces like fitness centers, golf courses, pool complexes and lakes.

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Master-planned communities are a response to the needs of the modern homebuyer. Think about it: when you’re shopping for a home, you don’t just consider the number of bedrooms, layout, design, and square footage of a potential home. You also look at the neighborhood, which schools are nearby, how easily you can get your groceries or go to the gym or visit a restaurant.

Master-planned communities are an all-in-one answer to this common calculation, allowing homeowners to experience high-quality, newly built homes and also quick access to everything they need right within their neighborhood.


The Benefits of Buying in a Master-Planned Community

The research shows that master-planned communities are wildly beneficial to residents, often resulting in better mental health, improved community safety and walkability, and greater accessibility for older residents.

The new homes in at Prairie Song, offer their own set of benefits, including access to all the wonderful parts of the surrounding community, but there are particular perks to buying a new home within a master-planned community like Prairie Song in Windsor, CO. These include:

High-quality, modern, easily accessible amenities

Master-planned communities are planned masterfully because they are laid out in a way that is responsive to your daily life.

Facilities are brand new with modern touches that people actually want and need – think a sparkling fitness center with the latest exercise equipment or a truly comfortable lounge center with high-speed wifi and excellent coffee.

Abundant and well-designed parks and trail systems

Living in a master-planned community means you aren’t relegated to the single park down the street – you often have multiple parks to choose from, and multiple trails to get you there.

Whether it’s for your afternoon run or a Saturday morning adventure with the kids, it’s easy and simple to get outside.

Improved access to social experiences and a closer-knit community

Master-planned communities are particularly popular with more mature buyers in part because they offer plenty of opportunities to engage with neighbors and create social connections. This benefit extends to all ages of residents.

We know how hard it can be to find time to engage with our friends and neighbors, but master-planned communities make it easy with gathering spaces like The Nest, the Prairie Song Community Center at Prairie Song Park.

Eat, lounge, play, and chat. The Nest is designed to be a casual, comfortable space that invites you in. No sterile, whisper-quiet lobby vibes here – think a pool, pickleball courts, food trucks, a brewery, and a cool place to hang out with your neighbors and your friends.

Safety and security

Many master-planned communities are naturally safer and more secure than the average neighborhood.

These communities often have a primary grand entrance and the close-knit, cozy nature of the community ensures a certain level of camaraderie where neighbors watch out for each other. Neighborly streetscapes, less traffic and slower speeds help create that feeling where you can just let the kids run freely. And when you’re surrounded by people who share similar interests, values and aspirations, things just gel.

A big investment

Because of their community conveniences, modern touches, and latest technologies, new homes in master-planned communities can offer more value than your average resale or new home in a subdivision.

Buying a home is a major investment, and the value of new homes are often buoyed by the economic and lifestyle benefits of a growing community that’s well-situated in a burgeoning locale and near a variety major employers.

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The Additional Benefits of Buying Early in a Master-Planned Community’s Development

When you buy in a newly developed or still developing community, you reap rewards as a founding resident. Homebuyers can enhance the benefits of their master-planned community lifestyle by being some of the early buyers because more choices and more possibilities are on your side. These might include:

  • A better lot selection. When you get in on the ground floor of a master-planned community, you often have your selection of lots. It doesn’t take long for the premium lots to get snatched up, so coming in early ensures you can get the most conveniently (and beautifully) positioned space for your new home.
  • More personalization opportunities. Buying in a newly developed master-planned community also means you might be part of the building process for your home, allowing more opportunities for personalization and customization. This opportunity for input is one of the greatest benefits of a new home in general, and you’re more likely to experience it if you get in early with the home builders.
  • Consistent improvements of your MPC and the surrounding area. Once you’ve put down your roots, you can watch things grow and improve around you. Being part of something new is an exciting process that fills each day with wonder and possibility. Explore new trails, try new restaurants, visit new parks – each day is an adventure when you are a founding member of an MPC. Additionally, you’ll start to reap all the economic benefits of the surrounding development, as new businesses pop up nearby to take advantage of the growing population within your community.
  • A chance to shape your community. Being present as your community develops around you also offers you an important chance to be involved in shaping the look and feel of this community. As an early member of a master-planned community, you can offer input about the look and use of amenities, and even join community boards and groups to help encourage healthy and happy community growth. You set the tone when you’re an early arrival!
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New Homes in Master Planned Communities: A Win-Win-Win

If you’re looking for a new home in Windsor, CO, master-planned communities like Prairie Song should be a major consideration. These functional neighborhoods are sought-after for good reason.

Impressive amenities, beautifully designed outdoor spaces, brand new homes, social opportunities and safety and security: master-planned communities truly offer the best of both worlds for almost everyone. Learn more about Prairie Song’s amenities and community by exploring the Interactive Map.